The Mastermind group principle:

"The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people,

who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

Napoleon Hill


to create the business

and life that you love


Sunday – April 23rd, 2017

9:00 am – 4:00 pm


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Masterminds Vineyard is an inspirational, powerful fusion of leadership development, strategic planning, and weekly collaboration to help you profit in your business.

We are a spirit-led community based on Vineyard Principles focused on equipping the best to be even better. It is a transformational personal and professional development experience that empowers you to create a business and life that you love. Every Vineyard member experiences personal transformation.

Led by world-renowned thought-leaders, Masterminds Vineyard empowers you to streamline processes, maximize profitability, and build an unforgettable legacy.

Business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and those seeking to create a business are welcome to apply.

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    Connect at higher levels to increase your influence and profitability


    Learn to identify and ask for the support you need in a safe environment

  • GROW

    Receive greater clarity and learn new strategies to leverage and scale your business


    Be inspired, motivated and educated to achieve new levels of success, joy, and productivity

What you get when you join the Masterminds Vineyard:

  •  You will receive bountiful wisdom from counsel on a weekly basis. This brings peace of mind as you make critical decisions for your business and life.

  • You will experience face to face mastermind experiences held in a World-Class setting with other influential professionals. These are all-day events held on a Sunday. We provide top level speakers that empower you to walk away with uncommon insight and a plan for your greatest challenges to be resolved.

  • Each week you participate in a mastermind call with a small group of 3 or 4 for connection and accountability. These structured calls are led by experts and are proven to keep you moving forward in life and business. Your responsibility is to show up and be ready to not only receive but speak wisdom and insight to the others in your group.

  • Each participant receives 4 personal one on one coaching calls per year. (strategy sessions)

  • You also receive access to our quarterly Vineyard mixers held at an upscale venue in Austin. This is a great time to mix and mingle with other Vineyard members. You may bring a guest to the mixers. 


  • Do you feel like you have you overcomplicated the path to success? Get straight to the root of the symptoms and find solutions by connecting with others who have been there.

  • Would it help you move forward if you had the perspective of other brilliant business people?

  • Who is holding you accountable to keep you on track and moving forward with your goals?

  • Do you have a great idea or product but feel stuck on how to move it forward?

  • Are you tired of building your business and life alone? 

  • Are you losing sleep because you’re so overwhelmed by your business and don’t have a safe place to ask for help?

    You don’t have to do it alone anymore. As a member of the Mastermind’s Vineyard, you’ll feel like you have your own, trusted personal advisory board. Get the support you need to make confident decisions.


  • Are you leaving money on the table? Tired of feeling financially strapped? Uncover new revenue streams and discover new ways to create cash flow crunch in the Masterminds Vineyard.

  • Scared to scale? Is your fear holding you back from building a bigger business? Find security in the safety net of top business experts that have walked successfully before you. We’ll teach you how to expand with confidence.

  • Will you go to your grave with gifts left inside of you? Are you playing small, holding back? Are you stuck in the safety of mediocrity? Learn how to use your gifts and increase your profits! The Masterminds Vineyard empowers you to say goodbye to the status quo.

  • Who is running your company? Where do you look for guidance? The greatest success stories are supernaturally built. Learn how to lean into your faith and find the direction and guidance that satisfies your soul.

If you could do it by yourself, you would have already done it!

Meet the team!

Jan Goss-Gibson, CEO

Richard Gibson, CIO

Ron Klein, Chief Adviser

Camille Kellum Walker, Advisor

Is your business making 7 figures and beyond?

Ivy League

Ask about our Ivy League Mastermind with Ron Klein. We provide the support that your business needs.

Ron will be leading your Mastermind Calls. There is no problem he cannot solve.

Find out about who you will be connecting with below:

No one succeeds in life alone.  You’ve been around long enough to know behind every great leader is an even better team. A team of highly-motivated top performers that think bigger, crush obstacles and strive to operate at their personal best, every time. This is the kind of team you’ll gain when you enroll in the Masterminds Vineyard.

Remove the fear. Gain insight. Achieve your life goals faster and easier.

Surround yourself with people who push you, challenge you, make you laugh and make you happy!

John Assaraf

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Can I still be part of the Masterminds Vineyard?

A: Absolutely! At Masterminds Vineyard, we grow people. We grow businesses. At our Vineyard days, we always provide fun non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy along with wine from the vineyards.

Q: I run an established business. Why would I need to connect in the Masterminds Vineyard?

A: Living things continue to grow. When we stop growing and producing, we die. The Masterminds Vineyard is a place to continue to grow. It will keep you living life to the fullest and support you in reaching the full expression of all that you are. Plus, it’s just fun! We keep a balance of work and pleasure. We tend the vines (work) and we also enjoy the fruit of our labor together!

Q: Is this a local group only?

A: No! You can participate in the Masterminds Vineyard from anywhere in the world as long as your schedule permits the phone calls. You are welcome to fly into Austin, TX to participate in our Vineyard Days. We have beautiful accommodations available for you!

 Q: Can I drop out at any time?

A: The  Masterminds Vineyard program is a one-year commitment. We hope you will love it so much you would never want to leave us! Keeping your commitments is a key to your success. We will hold you to your commitment.

Q: Do you provide any payment options?

A: Yes. We will discuss what is a right fit for you when you are interviewed.

Q: How do I get started?

A: I am glad you asked! Simply fill out the Assessment and we will contact you for an interview. We want to be sure we are a great fit for you and you for us! If we are a match, payment is received at that time, we connect you in a Mastermind Group, and get you all set up for our next Vineyard Day.