I always heard that the older you get the more you resist change … but that is not true for me! Change excites me, and it is a good thing because I have had plenty of it in my life. Raised in a military family, I moved 21 times in 18 years. My jobs have changed, my living situations have changed, why even my husbands have changed!

In our ever changing world, there are a few things that remain constant. Each day the sun rises and sets. Every year we have heat and cold, summer and winter. Seeds still grow when you plant them in the ground.

Another thing that does not change is the fact that people want to feel respected and valued … especially when they are about to spend money! Don’t you feel better about parting with your money in an atmosphere where you feel appreciated and respected?

The number one secret about business is this: It is not all about you. True success comes from shifting our mindset from “me, myself and I” to others. Success in business depends on how your clients and customers feel in your presence. How do you make people feel? Your success depends on it!

It is not about you … or even your wonderful products and services. It is all about others. Without clients and customers none of us have a business. My challenge to you is this: Polish up your Professional Skills and make someone feel special today! Now that is the kind of change we can all smile about.