Now that I have your attention…

The bank account I am referring to is not at Wells Fargo, nor at Chase or the Bank of America down the street. The bank account I am referring to can be full when your Chase account balance is low and can be low even if your Wells Fargo account balance is brimming over. I am speaking about your emotional bank account.

Every act of kindness is a deposit into your emotional bank account. This is where the power of civility comes in. Civility will fill your emotional bank account to overflow status. It will make you feel like a million bucks!  It just makes you feel better when you are kind and choose to walk in civility. I feel better when people are kind to me, don’t you? I feel better about shopping in an establishment where I am appreciated as a customer, don’t you? I feel better at home or on the job when I am shown respect, don’t you? We all do. We feel better when we give and receive kindness. Civility makes the world a better place.

I am an expert at pain. I am well acquainted with it. Perhaps not physical pain, although I have had a few doses through the years … I understand how it feels to be bankrupt emotionally. When we encounter another person we have no idea what they have been through that day. We don’t know what phone call they received, what family issues may be brewing, or what financial pain may be piercing their soul. If you want to fill your emotional bank account, choose civility. Be kind to people. Everyone is facing some kind of battle. People do business with those they like and trust. Civility  affects your bottom line, emotionally and financially. Choose civility and watch your emotional bank account flourish. You may be surprised to see your Chase Bank account overflowing as well!