Sometimes I feel like the slowest student in the class of life. That is one of the reasons I surround myself with brilliant people. I had a rather profound light bulb experience a couple of years ago that I thought would be great to pass on. This “Aha moment” withstood the test of time. It was one of those moments when I thought… “I knew that”… however, I wasn’t implementing “that” …  it was a blind spot in my business. Changing this one little thing … this one idea revolutionized my thought processes and the way I conduct my business. Implementing this one idea has led to more product creation and greater customer satisfaction than ever before in the history of Civility Consulting. It has given me rave reviews!

I will ask you as I was asked: “Jan, who writes your business plan”?

If you are like me you will answer “I do”.

Again: “Who writes your business plan”? “Ummm… I am pretty sure that was me sitting at that computer in December … I do!”.

Again: “Jan, who should write your business plan”? The light bulb turned on!!!

Have you ever known someone who had absolutely amazing products or services, and yet their business was not sustainable? I have known plenty. It is heartbreaking. Our success is not based on whether or not we have the latest, greatest, best amazing product or service. Of course we must deliver a product or service that meets a need, and we should deliver it well. But, who writes the plan? This was my light bulb moment. I could see it! I saw my clients asking for very specific things and simply planned around serving them with excellence. Viola! The business plan was written.

What do people ask you for? Not what do you think is the best thing you have to offer! What is the public, or your tribe asking for?

Our clients, customers, and patients … they are the ones who write the plan … You didn’t know??? Now you do!


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