Have you ever been utterly irritated at the way someone handed you their business card? I typically don’t send out information more than once a month … but I am compelled to address the issue of business card protocol. My husband, Rick and I have been to several events over the past few days and whoa! … there is a desperate need for enlightenment in the area of business card etiquette! I don’t mean to sound all sassy about it, but something has to be done! People are killing their chance of doing business and have no idea why. We can’t adjust what we are unaware of, so after today you will be ‘in the know’. No more excuses!

Think about how you feel when the person shows up who says, “Want my card, here … you want my card … hey, here’s my card” and shoves it at you with no concern for your answer to their question. Where do those cards end up? You are correct. File 13 … right to the trashcan! This is tragic because the poor person has no idea that the very thing they are trying to do – connect with people and gain their business – is exactly what will never happen. The increase they so desperately desire will not happen  because they are so obnoxious … or at best ignorant!

So here are a few of the basics:
  • Always carry your cards in a case, or you may place them in a pocket close to your heart
  • Hand out your card when you are asked for it … or
  • ASK “May I give you my card”
  • Do not assume everyone will want your card
  • When you hand a card to someone be sure it is facing them (not you or sideways)
  • When you receive a card take a moment to look at it
  • Ask for additional information while looking at the other person’s card … preferably using their name in a sentence or question
  • Put their card in a safe place such as in your business card holder, portfolio or a pocket by your heart
  • Ladies, do not drop their card into your purse. Place it somewhere intentionally.
  • Do not write on someone’s business card while you are in their presence unless you ask their permission. It is disrespectful.

The Critical Nugget

Gentlemen: Please do not ever carry your cards in your billfold. I do not want something you pulled out of your rear-end put in my hand. And please don’t put my card in there. That is not where I belong either!

Networking events are not a Las Vegas Casino. If you want to deal cards, your lucky place is Vegas!

When networking, you must polish up your business card practices if you want to be the big winner.

Good luck!


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