I figure if we can be driven “crazy”, then it must be possible to be driven “sane”. People typically don’t just go crazy overnight. It is a driving process until one day … yes, you just go over the edge. You have had enough! I have been there. Lost my mind a time or two. The good news is: I did find it. I reclaimed it and decided it was high time to take control and drive myself sane. I allowed men and money to drive me crazy. What is your excuse for insanity? I think my two demons are fairly common in the world of women.

I want to give you three simple steps to sanity.

Number One – Own it. Own where you are. Own that no matter who or what you feel put you there, you have the power to get out. It begins between your ears. Change your mind and you will change your life. Own the part that you created. Look at it. What could you have done differently? Now you know you will never do that again! Forgive yourself and move on. Let yourself off the hook. We have all made mistakes. You are on a learning journey just like everyone else. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Number Two – Get rid of fear. Fear is your enemy. Get rid of it! Fear will paralyze you. Remember that feeling when you had a bad dream and woke up and could not move? That is what fear does to you. However, remember when you woke up if you could just move your leg, or arm, or wiggle your pinkie toe, the fear would break! Get in motion! Get in action! Even if it is a tiny baby step. What small step can you take today in the right direction. Just do it! Fear will lose its grip on you once you get in motion!

Number Three – Be accountable. Our minds can play really great tricks on us and make us think we are making progress when in fact we are not in motion at all…. we are just thinking about getting in action! Be accountable to someone for the action you are going to take and the time you will have that action completed. Give them permission to follow up with you and hold you accountable. Accountability does not mean you are weak. It takes a lot of guts to let someone know if you accomplished what you set out to do or not. It is much easier to hide out and pretend. Accountability is not for the faint of heart. Accountability will pull you into reality. It will give you hope and make you proud of yourself for your accomplishments. Accountability will place you on the road to success, the road of sanity.

Human beings are not wired to live a solitary life. That is why it drives people crazy to be in “solitary confinement”. You must connect with others to live a full happy life. Own where you are. Get rid of your fear and be accountable.

Welcome to sanity!



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