Something shifted in me this week. A shift I have been yearning for, for a long time. I wanted the eye of the tiger. I did my best to have it. I didn’t quit. I pushed through despite challenges and struggles that come along with being an entrepreneur. I educate myself continually. I am spiritually connected. I have healthy, strong relationships in my life. Yet something wasn’t quite there. It is what I am going to call FAITH. It is putting my stake in the ground when I am walking on water. There IS NO ground! I am over budget on every project I am working on, have stretched myself to the limit because I believe in my dream and am feeling VERY uncomfortable. Can anyone out there relate?

Here is the shift. Now I KNOW. I don’t just think. I don’t just hope. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I am in the right place and space doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. How did the shift happen? Through a person. Yes, it came through a person who crossed my pathway via a set of circumstances that we set up weeks ago. A friend of mine from California highly recommended that I  have a particular speaker come to Austin. I set up the meeting just like I have done numerous times before. Yet, this time something was different. I had such anticipation about this speaker coming to Austin. Yes, I had good thoughts, I had high hopes. But I have had thoughts and hopes before. Something was different. This time my belly quivered when I thought of her coming to Austin. It was a disproportional excitement. My mind did not know why, but something deeper did. Allison Maslan turned out to be my answer. She turned out to be the answer to every business question I have had over the past 6 years. She was my missing piece to my vision to raise up ten woman millionaires over the next 24 months. Allison did not just show up with theory. She showed up with proof. She has built 10 … that is TEN … successful businesses for herself and helped countless others do the same.

Her business savvy is impressive, but that is not what created the shift. I have heard many savvy business people in my life. Her brilliance was balanced with beautiful humility and grace. She was the real deal … but then, I have met people who were the real deal before.

What made the difference? FAITH! Allison believed in ME. In me … Jan Goss … she saw in me what I see in myself and have not been able to successfully launch into this world. “I see it in you, Jan”. Those words still ring in my heart. She sees the success. She sees my heart. She sees the woman I am born to be … and she has the tools to help me bring it to the world. Yes, I can! And yes, You can too! Do not stop. Do not quit until your pathway crosses with the one who believes in you and restores your FAITH. Yes someone will. Yes, I will if you need someone to believe in you! You can be everything you were born to be. You just need to know it is OK to need someone else to believe it with you. Two are stronger than one. May your angel appear in your life as mine did!

Yes. You. Can!


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