This is a short blog. About only one question …

America, Have You Lost Your Mind … or Your Heart?

It is time for civility. It is time to have a heart and use our minds.

I am sure we don’t agree on everything.

I am sure we are worlds apart on many things.

I am also sure there are some things we agree on.

Can we focus on that?

We don’t have to hang out together.

We don’t have to do business together.

But we don’t have permission to kill each other …

Verbally, emotionally, or physically.

It is time for civility.

I get it that you are mad. I am too.

Our country is in sad shape.

Killing is not the answer. Period.

Dehumanizing each other is not the answer.

Your “enemies” have families too. They love people and have people who love them.

They are human beings. Yes, just like you.

They have thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Just like you.

Embracing this vantage point makes it possible to Love Your Enemies… it is counter-culture…. I get that.

OK, so start somewhere outside of the realm of hate.

How can we be so willing to extend grace to “other cultures”

but so unwilling to extend grace to “other cultures” within our own country?

What can you do to bring civility into ONE conversation today? 

What can you do to bring civility into ONE situation today? 

We must BE the change we want to see in this world.

Turn your hate into constructive action. Spread civility.

Are you part of the problem or the solution?

Let’s show that we are Americans with a good heart and a good mind.

It begins with the one we see in the mirror.

Choose civility.


Are you happy? Are you leading the life you know you were meant to live, or are you just rocking along in mediocrity? Are you so “busy” you can’t stop to really evaluate and make necessary shifts to live a happy life? If not now, when?  When will you take charge of your personal world and make it a better place to live in? When you are 80?

I spent years riddled with guilt and fear feeling like I was never enough or did enough. Always trying to live up to someone else’s expectation of me. That is not a happy space to be in. I gave and gave until I couldn’t give anymore thinking that somehow it would come back to me. Then it happened … The two words showed up that changed me forever.

What are these 2 magical words?

Own it!

Own it?  It’s my boss that is standing in my way. It is my spouse who doesn’t support me. It is that aggressive cohort that always beats me out every time I am about to move forward. It is my upbringing that I can’t change. Own what? My lack of success is not my fault. What am I supposed to own?

Really? … Own the life that you have been given. Own your power of choice. Own the fact that there are immeasurable resources available for you to succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Own your magnificent mind and healthy body and your plethora of abilities that so many others would give anything just to possess. The journey to “Own It” is one of facing reality, self-satisfaction, and power. A powerful, happy life comes from stepping up to the plate and owning our own talents, abilities, and our life’s choices.

There are really only three strategies I have ever found for happiness and fulfillment in life, whether in the marketplace or on the homefront. If we master these three, I guarantee that we will Show Up Well – Own It, and live a happy fulfilled life. I didn’t say it was easy or without effort. That is a fantasy. However, it is most certainly easier than staying on the proverbial hamster wheel.

My simple strategy (that I admit takes grueling implementation) is this: Take charge of 3 things…

Take complete power and OWN your:

1. Thoughts

2. Words

3. Deeds

We all have to start somewhere. Begin today to think about what you are thinking about. Get help with strategies to empty your head trash and replace it with healthier thoughts. Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth and make a mindful decision to upgrade your words and add more positivity in your day. Finally, own your actions. Own past actions and take immediate measures to sow good seeds with your deeds. Take charge of YOU on purpose, every day.

Show Up Well and Own It!

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