When I was growing up, my Daddy used to tell me that the richest place on Earth was the graveyard. Gross! I never understood what he was saying as a little girl. I just knew I didn’t want to think about dead people!

It turns out, my Dad was right. Most human beings go to their grave with a plethora of unused potential. We live our lives in a hurry most of the time, never slowing down to consider there may be another way. We minimize our gifts, brushing them off as not good enough or comparing them to someone else who is “really talented”.

Could it be that the seemingly insignificant gifts that we bring to the table like encouraging someone, or teaching a skill, or even a genuine smile could actually be consciously developed into something of great meaning?

We are all created differently.

On purpose.

Your life has significance. Your life has meaning. Your life matters.

Yes, even your seemingly “insignificant” gifts.

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of being in the room with Stedman Graham who was discussing his new book, Identity Leadership. The premise is that we must first lead ourselves so we can effectively lead others. To do that, we have to take the time to figure out who we are and what gifts we bring to the table. This book shows us how. Get the book!

I asked Stedman what was the ONE THING that he saw in terms of identity on a global basis that was a common thread in humanity. His answer was very heart touching and brought up the words of my Daddy within me. “Jan, the one thing I see across humanity as a common thread is that people are so full of gifts – they have so many gifts in them – and don’t use them.” Ouch! Globally … every culture … we are so rich with gifts that we cannot see and have not taken time to discover. That includes me. That includes you.

The graveyards are getting more and more full of gifts every day.

In the early 2000s, Dr. Myles Munroe spoke at my church. In his powerful deep voice, (with the King’s English) he said these words:

“Do NOT go to your grave with ONE GIFT left inside of you!”

His words riveted me to my soul.  I thought, “I don’t know if I have any gifts or not, but if I even THINK  something could be a gift, I am going to get it out of me!” I am not going to my grave with one gift left inside of me! I am going to empty myself out. That next year I completed writing 8 songs and recorded an album, wrote a book, and began speaking and training like a madwoman! I haven’t stopped since. I am going to my grave empty of any perceived gift I can find within me!

Who are you? Are you a title or a role? Who are you really???

What gifts are inside of you that would go to the grave should you leave the planet today?

You have a few. So do I.

Stedman also said to do what makes you happy. When we pour out our gifts, that space is filled back up with joy! If you are not happy, you may want to check in with yourself. How can you use your gifts to help someone today? Just do it. Happiness will follow.

We are all one step closer to our last day on Earth today. Let’s leave that graveyard no room for our gifts. Let’s use them NOW.


Jan Goss-Gibson is a recognized and highly respected Authority, Coach and Speaker with a reputation for helping individuals and organizations create quick and sustainable results. She is an award-winning speaker and a #1 best-selling author.

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