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What I asked Stedman Graham

When I was growing up, my Daddy used to tell me that the richest place on Earth was the graveyard. Gross! I never understood what he was saying as a little girl. I just knew I didn’t want to think about dead people! It turns out, my Dad was right. Most human beings go to […]

Love is Power – Even on the Job

www.showupwell.com I am not so sure where we got the notion that love is not allowed in business. You may have heard to keep business thing business and personal things personal. While there are certainly healthy boundaries around dragging personal issues into the workplace, what is so wrong with adding in a little love into […]

Looking for Love? Our Story

OUR STORY My single status came to me through divorce. Rick’s came through the loss of a spouse. He had been in a 30 year relationship when he became single. I had two “completed” marriages, one 20 year relationship and one for 14 years. Funny how life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned. […]

How to Start Your Life From Scratch

Scratch – it’s an interesting word. I know when my life fell apart … the first time … I had 8 kids. I was left scratching my head. Scratch – You know the feeling when you have that little itch that is ridiculously irritating? It consumes your mind until that blessed moment when you finally get […]


Loneliness is a Choice

If this title makes you mad, you probably better read this quickly …   Loneliness is a ball and chain that hangs in the pit of your stomach and attaches to your mind to drag you down to a dark pit. It swirls its ugly accusations through the passages in your mind and calls you […]

America, Have You Lost Your Mind … or Your Heart?

This is a short blog. About only one question … America, Have You Lost Your Mind … or Your Heart? It is time for civility. It is time to have a heart and use our minds. I am sure we don’t agree on everything. I am sure we are worlds apart on many things. I […]

Show Up Well and Own It!

Are you happy? Are you leading the life you know you were meant to live, or are you just rocking along in mediocrity? Are you so “busy” you can’t stop to really evaluate and make necessary shifts to live a happy life? If not now, when?  When will you take charge of your personal world […]