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Dating Protocols and Principles

♥ Take care of yourself ♥ Be others oriented ♥ You have 5 seconds to make a first impression ♥ Be authentic ♥ Act as if you belong ♥ Err on the side of formality ♥ Adjust your posture ♥ It is better to be overdressed than under-dressed ♥ Be grateful ♥ Fear is your […]

How to Stay Civil – Run in Your Own Lane!

Whew! I am just about worn out with all of the incivility on both sides of the aisle in my country. My Dad did not fight in 3 wars so we could fight at home… he fought so we could have PEACE at home.  I say, let it begin with me! Rather that criticize and […]

Dating Again? Start Here!

    “I was not planning on being single… but I was…” Jan Goss Getting back into the dating scene can be intimidating, or at the very least, awkward. In Jan’s NEW series, First Impression Management for Dating, you will find out just HOW to begin again and make that critical first impression the right […]

Government, Get Out of My Bathroom

I try to stay out of the middle of things. Anyone who knows me well knows that I truly love people … even the little stinkers. I stand for honoring the dignity of the human spirit in people. My company is called Civility Consulting for heaven’s sake! I believe civility is our solution on so […]

How to Gain Confidence on a Really Bad Day

Confident people are happier. Confident people make more money. Confident people have happier relationships. Hmm….. ok I choose confidence! Is it really that simple? Well, yes it can be … even on the really, really tough days. It was a sad, dreary day. One of those days when you look out the window at noon […]

The Power of Pressure

If you are like me, you are not really a great fan of pressure.   Relationships, money, deadlines, expectations … when does it all end??? It ends when we die! However, physical death is not exactly one of my favorites either. Vacations help … well, sometimes. Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation! A […]

Have You Given Yourself Permission to Prosper?

Money problems … Ugh! I have had my share. Only in the recent years of my life have I really looked at my relationship with money. Before that, I never really paid that much attention to it. No wonder it eluded me! Who wants to be ignored? As a child, I always had my needs […]