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5 Tools for Happiness for the Holidays

Holiday season is upon us. How did that happen so fast? Invitations to festivities are arriving, plans to be with friends and family are being made and happy times are being imagined by all … or are they? Holiday season can bring with it a mixed bag of emotions. Yes, there is typically “one” in every […]

The Stories In My Head ( aka embarrassing transparency)

Today I was on a conference call with some amazing businesswomen from around the country. I believe in these women. I support and admire them. When one of them began telling of her successes and about some high powered people she was connecting with my mind had a moment. Has your mind ever just had […]

The Top Confidence Stealer and How to Beat It

We have all had that moment. You are on top of the world, feeling really good about yourself when someone you value speaks something negative about you. Ouch! Words are powerful. They are containers of meaning, like little buckets that are full of life or death.  There is a Proverb that says “The power of […]

The Top 5 Networking Mistakes That are Costing You Dearly

Breaking into a group of 2 When choosing who you want to network with at an event, it is important to look for groups of three or more people. When just two people are conversing, their conversation could be personal. Breaking into a group of two can feel very intrusive and rude to those who […]

Yes Ma’am, No Sir? Is it OK?

I am a huge proponent of southern hospitality.There is something about the gentle drawl of the south that intrigues me. The warm smiles and kind nature of “Southern Folk” are a welcomed refreshment after the cold, sometimes icy corporate environments that I have experienced. Authenticity at its best … making people feel respected and special […]

Yes, You Can!

Something shifted in me this week. A shift I have been yearning for, for a long time. I wanted the eye of the tiger. I did my best to have it. I didn’t quit. I pushed through despite challenges and struggles that come along with being an entrepreneur. I educate myself continually. I am spiritually […]

How to Drive Yourself Sane

I figure if we can be driven “crazy”, then it must be possible to be driven “sane”. People typically don’t just go crazy overnight. It is a driving process until one day … yes, you just go over the edge. You have had enough! I have been there. Lost my mind a time or two. […]

Nothing Is Wrong With You

Have you ever just had one of those days where you felt like you were banging your head against the wall? Well I had one today. There are those moments when you are an entrepreneur. The question arises … ” What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me???”  The answer is: There is […]

First Impression – What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Love is the most important thing. Don’t try to live your life without it. Life without love isn’t life at all. We all need to love and be loved to have a full satisfying existence. There is no shame, no weakness, or no reason to fear because you want to be loved. You were hard […]

Three Easy Steps to Teach Your Children Good Behavior

  Happy summer everyone! I thought a re-post of this article I wrote for Austin Woman Magazine may help some of you parents out there this summer! Please pass on to those who are rearing children. It is the toughest and best job on the planet! Blessings! Jan By Jan Goss, Illustration by Katie Holmstrom […]