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I Don’t Want Your Business Card

Have you ever been utterly irritated at the way someone handed you their business card? I typically don’t send out information more than once a month … but I am compelled to address the issue of business card protocol. My husband, Rick and I have been to several events over the past few days and […]

You Didn’t Know???

Sometimes I feel like the slowest student in the class of life. That is one of the reasons I surround myself with brilliant people. I had a rather profound light bulb experience a couple of years ago that I thought would be great to pass on. This “Aha moment” withstood the test of time. It […]

How to Fill Your Bank Account

Now that I have your attention… The bank account I am referring to is not at Wells Fargo, nor at Chase or the Bank of America down the street. The bank account I am referring to can be full when your Chase account balance is low and can be low even if your Wells Fargo […]

7 Steps to Break Into a Group While Networking

Please enjoy this article that was featured in Texas Women In Business’ monthly member publication. You walk into the event praying you will see someone you know. Inside the door you are met by a group of strangers. You look around to see if anyone notices the obvious jackhammer that is pounding in your chest. […]

The Civility Spotlight

Our Civility Spotlight for the month of January falls on… Pastor Rob Koke at Shoreline Christian Center How did he grow such a magnificent, multicultural congregation? His answer will SURPRISE you! Don’t miss this interview! Regardless of your religious affiliation, the impact of true Civility within this organization is evident! We can ALL learn from […]

Be Attitudes for 2013

20 “Be Attitudes” for 2013 How many did you choose today? Check them off. (Give Yourself Some Credit!) All of these “Be Attitudes” can be yours. Practice one or two at a time!   Be others oriented Be kind Be honest Be real Be humble Be powerful Be grateful Be a leader Be clear Be […]

The Number One Secret for Successful Business

I always heard that the older you get the more you resist change … but that is not true for me! Change excites me, and it is a good thing because I have had plenty of it in my life. Raised in a military family, I moved 21 times in 18 years. My jobs have […]