• Navigational Leadership

    “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. Leaders who are good navigators are capable of taking their people just about anywhere.” – John C. Maxwell

  • Navigational Leadership

    “Life is a big collaboration. And we can’t navigate it alone” – Tim Gunn

  • Navigational Leadership

    The goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty but rather to navigate it. – Andy Stanley

We are the Experts in Personal and Professional Excellence

Don’t you think it is time to create and nurture a culture of  kindness and honor in America? 
We work with savvy leaders who understand that  we must BE the standard of civility in thoughts, words, and deeds … not just talk about it.
  • At Civility Consulting we believe as human beings we deserve a level of respect and dignity.
  • We also believe in promoting personal responsibility and accountability  that deserves respect.
  • We support creating and maintaining a productive, inviting company culture based on your values.
  • We provide navigational leadership training and support to help you implement your value system within your company culture.
  • We get you going in the right direction and help you put systems and strategies in place to maintain your forward motion.

We will guide you and hold you accountable …

Civility Consulting Strategically Supports Navigating the Execution of Your Company’s Mission and Value System by creating customized training for your team, setting up mastermind groups, and offering executive coaching for your top tier professionals.

We assist Your Value Based Company in Creating a Profitable Company Culture based on:

Your Brand, Your Vision, and Your Company Values.

You have your Top-Tier Brand. You have Identified your Company Values. You have the Vision. Now What? How do you get your employees engaged and on board with your vision?

You create your perfect company culture through strategic planning & training and putting systems & accountability in place.

You lay down the values. Leave the Training to us.

We Help You Create a Culture of Kindness and Civility.

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Our Mission is to Restore Respect in America 

We accomplish this by fostering Civility through:

Strategic Mastermind Groups 

Personal Excellence Training  

Executive Coaching

  • Protect your top-tier brand
  • Create a culture of kindness
  • Communicate a consistent and memorable brand in the marketplace
  • Build an inviting and collaborative work environment
  • Create an exceptional customer experience
  • Provide confidence skills for greater revenues
  • Earn trust and respect in the public eye
  • Experience greater employee satisfaction and retention


  • Master networking skills with ease
  • Learn executive dining skills
  • Make your very best first impression every time