At Spirit Biz Coach we guide you and give you the tools to create a business foundation that will not fail…

Because it’s based on Spirit.



Our objective is to create a sustainable company culture within your organization that is duplicable and scalable where every participant Shows Up Well every day. To accomplish this, we identify and implement Protocols that you determine to be of value and put training in place to equip employees to follow your protocols. This takes time, but once it is in place it is a simple repeatable process that will serve you for years to come.

We help you create a solid basis for employee and consumer trust. This is accomplished by identifying key goals, putting strategies in place to support those goals and setting up accountability for implementation.

We also support you in creating a protocol framework that creates consistency in the customer experience. This framework assists in hiring the right people, providing the right tools and getting the team focused and in harmony to create an optimal customer experience.

The expected results are happier customers, longer staff retention, higher efficiency within the office framework and a more efficient follow-up system. This aids in the creation of meaningful relationships within your teams and with your clients resulting in increased revenues and greater brand awareness.




At Sprit Biz Coach, we believe that business is the way we serve the world.