Company Events

Keynotes / Breakout Sessions / Panelist / MC / Facilitator

Who wants to go to another boring company event? Not me! 

I’ll set you up for success by delivering an engaging and informative program, whether I’m your keynote speaker, panelist or emcee.

Choose from any of the following topics:

  • Soul Matters – Living Life From the Inside Out
  • Women, Money and Miracles – Elevate Your Money Mindset
  • Building a “Show Up Well” Culture 
  • Getting to Your WHY – Taking Charge of Your Life with Joy!
  • 5 Simple Steps to Connect Like a Pro! – Your Key to Success
  • Leadership – How You Show Up Matters
  • The First Impression Advantage – How to WOW everyone you meet!
  • First Impression Advantage for Dating – Your Chance for Love
  • Executive Dining Skills – (This is a FUN luncheon!)
  • Bedroom Etiquette—Show Up Well Behind Closed Doors
  • Or … You Create Your Own!

When you select any of these topics, I can provide my books, webinars and workshops to help event participants go deeper.

And if you don’t see the right topic for your business, let’s work together to customize an event that will energize and equip your audience with the tools to achieve values-based success.

Listen to Jan’s acceptance speech for the “Austin’s Fab 5” Award. Watch for the moment when you can hear a pin drop as she shares about loving children who are different than her.   CLICK HERE