If you are like me, you are not really a great fan of pressure.


Relationships, money, deadlines, expectations … when does it all end??? It ends when we die! However, physical death is not exactly one of my favorites either. Vacations help … well, sometimes. Sometimes we need a vacation from our vacation!
A few years ago a wise woman gave me a new perspective on pressure. She said, “Jan, pressure is designed to press us UP, not down”. Well, that is a new thought.
I have heard the analogies of pressure turning coal into diamonds and “Under Pressure” certainly worked out well as a hit song for David Bowie, but I am still not crazy about the idea.
About half a century down life’s road, I think I finally got it! It took me a minute to figure this out.
Here are the top 8 things that I found out about the power of pressure:


  1. It is Pressure that gets me UP when I don’t necessarily feel like moving
  2. The Pressure of my words lifts me UP into integrity so I do what I say
  3. The Pressure of pushing weights UP builds my body and helps keep me healthy
  4. Pressure makes me have to draw clear boundaries and builds UP my tenacity and inner power
  5. Pressure brings UP my emotions and enables me to see what is going on in me so I can deal with it
  6. Pressure pushes me to be my very best and do what I thought was impossible. That is UPlifing!
  7. Pressure forces me to think in new ways and UP-level my intellect
  8. Pressure causes me to send prayers UP and increase my spiritual life
So, the bottom line is …. pressure truly lifts us UP in our Spirit, Mind, and Body. Maybe it really was designed to press us UP and not down.
I guess Pressure is just doing its job!


Jan Goss-Gibson is the owner of Civility Consulting, a consulting and training firm in Austin, Texas specializing in First Impression Management, Confidence Training and Business Building.


Love is the most important thing. Don’t try to live your life without it. Life without love isn’t life at all. We all need to love and be loved to have a full satisfying existence. There is no shame, no weakness, or no reason to fear because you want to be loved. You were hard wired that way. Give yourself permission to need love. It is OK. We all do. You are no exception.

So how do we find love? We find love through connecting with other people. If you do not connect you will never find love. There is plenty of love in this world and you will find the love that belongs to you. To find it, you must present yourself to the world in an authentic loving way. Like things attract. That is what managing your first impression is all about. First Impression Management is not just about your appearance. It is a deep work. To make your best impression it is important to:

♥       Know who you are

♥        Love who you are

♥       Consciously present yourself as who you are

This preparation is to improve the first 5 seconds of an encounter.  In 5 seconds someone decides whether or not to connect with you. If you make a bad first impression, the chances of you connecting go way down. If you do not connect with someone, you will not find love. Love comes through connecting. And it all happens in 5 seconds!

Who ever knew that managing your first impression was so important?

The most wonderful surprise happened as a result of the First Impression Management trainings I conduct across the country. I found that the practices instilled in executives had a “domino effect” in their personal lives. Families were being healed, relationships restored, and yes, single people were finding “the one”! It all began by using the secret of connecting.

It happened for me. I found great success. I found “the one”. Actually, we found each other. There was a journey in between, and it all began with connecting. Love is the most important thing … and it all happens in 5 seconds.

Who ever knew that managing your first impression was so important?

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